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Unclaimed Money:

Every year millions of dollars become lost when banks, governmental agencies and companies lose track of money they are holding due to mistakes in the spelling of names, address and account numbers. Search 28 states of unclaimed funds to see if any money is owed to you.

Report May Include:

  • Amount owed
  • Name & Address of owner
  • Expiration date
  • Name of company or agency
  • Date reported

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  • Unclaimed Money Searches

    Of course, unclaimed money searches is going to always be a hot topic. There are any number of ways people can have money owed them or money that was set for distribution but did not find all of its owners. Let's look at some possiblities:

    • Government agencies that have mispelled your name or the wrong address was entered...
    • Banks losing track of the current address of an individual who holds an account...
    • Companies obligated to distribute money to individuals but cannot locate current address or real name...
    • Bank accounts and safety deposit box owners...
    • Stocks, bonds, mutual funds and dividends...
    • Uncashed checks and wages
    • Utility accounts and escrow payments..
    • Insurance policies, CD's, trust funds
    • ... and many other possible sources..

    Let's look at some other possible channels:
    Postal Money Orders, Postal Savings Bonds, Indian Trust Funds, Social Security Benefits, Credit Union Accounts, Railroad Retirement Funds, Bankruptcy Funds, Screen Actor Residuals, Gift Cards & Certificates, Unclaimed Life Insurance, Veteran Benefits, HUD Refunds, Lost Bank Accounts, Government Pensions, Consumer Rebates and the list continues on and on..

    Some of the numbers are really staggering. Let's take a look a just few:

    • New York currently holds $7.2 billion in unclaimed funds..
    • California unclaimed property totals $4.8 billion..
    • Last year alone, states collected $22.8 billion, of which less than $1 billion has been refunded.
    • The federal government holds even more, including $13 billion in unredeemed savings bonds
    • The IRS and Social Security holds hundreds of billions in checks that have gone undelivered or uncashed.

    Let's visit quickly some of the data that is actually generated for unclaimed money searches to include:
    Amount owed, Name & Address of owner, Expiration date, Name of company or agency. This range of information can then be used to search even deeper using Veromi's other search tools which could include:

    This article would not claim to be the full authority on this complex topic...but is really just offeing some jump off points to get you started on your real property search journey. Please feel free to start your journey using our convenient form above...or explore our other products below.... Thank you.

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