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     Marriage and Divorce Searches - Protect Yourself and Your Assets
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Marriage Search

Search marriages records to uncover marriage certificates
issued by state and/or local govermental agencies.
Results may include bride's name, groom's name and date of marriage.
This search is for reference purposes only and does not inlcude copies of
marriage certificates or other official documents.

States and thru dates available:

  • California (1960-1985)
  • Colorado (1975-2004)
  • Connecticut (1966-2002)
  • Florida (1970-1999)
  • Iowa (1835-1926)
  • Illinois (1793-1920)
  • Kentucky (1973-1999)

  • Maine (1892-1996)
  • Minnesota (1976-2003)
  • Nevada (1968-2000)
  • Ohio (1970-2004)
  • Texas (1968-1998)
  • Utah (1800-1999)
  • W.Virginia (1931-1970)

  • Results May Include:
  • Bride's name and age
  • Groom's name and age
  • Marriage date
  • County and state of filing
  • Filing number

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  • Marriage and Divorce Searches

    This is a topic loaded with emotions. Some people can have a checkered past when it comes to actual documentation in committed relationships. So you have met your lifetime partner, or so you thought. This person just recently moved to your met at a social gathering and you have fallen head over heels. You begin dating and find that you both have alot in common. After several months the talk gets real cozy and the word "marriage" comes into play. You "feel" pretty good about this..but something is gnawing at you by now. You have noticed some discrepancies in what is being said and certain actions. So you decide to do a marriage and divorce search using's extensive resources.

    Marriage Search
    Divorce Search

    You are stunned by what you find. This individual has been divorced 3 times in 2 other states....and appears to be still married in yet another state. Of course, you confront this person because all the "discrepancies" begin to fall in place and you decide to break it off. A very tough lesson indeed. But modern search technology from the convenience of your browser just saved you some very deep emotional and possibly financial wounds. Just imagine if you did move forward with the marriage and then all this came to light after the fact. Could be some deep problems to have to deal with at that point.

    With more people meeting online these days it is very important to protect yourself from those who might take advantage of this new reality. First off, you need to make sure that who you are talking with via email, IM, IP-Telephony or just the regular old land line, is who they say they are.

    By searching for and then discovering an active Marriage certificate attached to this new person in your life you could quickly avert some emotional misery and move on with your new partner search. Some other tools that may assist you in vetting out any doubts are the following:

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    » Criminal Checks - Visit's:       Criminal Backgrounds Checks - National, Local or LAMuni

    Certainly any new relationship is typically based on intuition and emotional responses, but in today's personal safety conscious world being able to do some discreet background research on someone who might ultimately become an intimate part of your life is probably a safe path to follow. Please feel free to start your journey using our convenient form above...or explore our other products below.... Thank you.


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