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     Criminal Background Searches
Name Address Phone Number
First Name: Middle Initial: Last Name:
Date of Birth: City: State:

Nationwide Criminal Includes:

  • National DOC/AOC/DPS (Coverage)
  • California Criminal (Coverage)
  • National Sex Offenders (Coverage)
  • Nat. Wants and Warrants (Coverage)
  • Patriot Act Database

  • Report May Include:

  • Name
  • Date of birth
  • Race
  • Gender
  • Court
  • Conviction date
  • Docket number
  • Offenses/Charges
  • Offense code
  • Risk level
  • Disposition date

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  • Criminal Background Searches

    There are many reasons why one might want to perform a criminal background check on someone. Personal safety in becoming a large concern these days with more people getting online everyday and commumicating through large networks of user bases. Let's look at some possiblities:

    • If you are spending time online looking for a new relationship...then you may want to perform a criminal background check if you feel uncomfortable or unsure about someone you are interacting with..
    • Perhaps you are looking to hire a new employee..then this would be an appropiate use of a criminal background check..
    • An investigation may be ongoing regarding someone's background...and a criminal background check will fit into this process...
    • You've received some information about someone trying to interact with one or more of your family members...and you want to make sure they don't have some hidden agendas that could affect your families safety and property security..
    • Does the information supplied on a resume jive with your criminal background check through

    There are many more reasons why an individual or Company would want to use's Criminal background check tools. With so many personal and business safety decisions to make daily...knowing this type of information about a person's background can save you a lot of misery and legal headaches.

    Let's visit quickly some of the data that is actually generated for criminal background searches to include:
    FName, Date of birth, Race, Gender, Court, Conviction date, Docket number, Offenses/Charges, Offense code Risk level, Disposition date. This range of information can then be used to search even deeper using Veromi's other search tools which could include:

    This article would not claim to be the full authority on this complex topic...but is really just offeing some jump off points to get you started on your real property search journey. Please feel free to start your journey using our convenient form above...or explore our other products below.... Thank you.

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