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Clements — Coffey

Quick: Cl, Co, 
Cl Clifton, Billy — Clifton, Daisy Coates, Lynne — Coates, Nicolas
Clements, Kathryn — Clements, Mack Clifton, Dale — Clifton, Erin Coates, Nicole — Coates, Rudy
Clements, Madeline — Clements, Norman Clifton, Erma — Clifton, Iris Coates, Rufus — Coates, Travis
Clements, Olga — Clements, Sally Clifton, Irma — Clifton, Katie Coates, Trevor — Cobb, Ann
Clements, Salvador — Clements, Troy Clifton, Katrina — Clifton, Mae Cobb, Anna — Cobb, Charlotte
Clements, Tyler — Clemons, Anthony Clifton, Maggie — Clifton, Olive Cobb, Chelsea — Cobb, Duane
Clemons, Antoinette — Clemons, Christine Clifton, Oliver — Clifton, Sam Cobb, Dustin — Cobb, Glenda
Clemons, Christopher — Clemons, Eddie Clifton, Samantha — Clifton, Van Cobb, Glenn — Cobb, Joanna
Clemons, Edgar — Clemons, Gwendolyn Clifton, Vanessa — Cline, Antonio Cobb, Joanne — Cobb, Leroy
Clemons, Hannah — Clemons, Jose Cline, April — Cline, Christopher Cobb, Leslie — Cobb, Melvin
Clemons, Josefina — Clemons, Lora Cline, Christy — Cline, Eddie Cobb, Mercedes — Cobb, Raquel
Clemons, Loren — Clemons, Morris Cline, Edgar — Cline, Grant Cobb, Ray — Cobb, Sue
Clemons, Moses — Clemons, Roderick Cline, Greg — Cline, Johanna Cobb, Susan — Cochran, Adam
Clemons, Rodney — Clemons, Thelma Cline, John — Cline, Lillie Cochran, Adrian — Cochran, Brenda
Clemons, Theodore — Cleveland, Amanda Cline, Linda — Cline, Mike Cochran, Brendan — Cochran, Darrin
Cleveland, Amber — Cleveland, Caroline Cline, Mildred — Cline, Richard Cochran, Darryl — Cochran, Faith
Cleveland, Carolyn — Cleveland, Dianna Cline, Rick — Cline, Tara Cochran, Fannie — Cochran, Jamie
Cleveland, Dianne — Cleveland, Garry Cline, Tasha — Clinton, Alexandra Cochran, Jan — Cochran, Kenneth
Cleveland, Gary — Cleveland, Jeremiah Clinton, Alexis — Clinton, Candace Cochran, Kenny — Cochran, Margaret
Cleveland, Jeremy — Cleveland, Laurie Clinton, Candice — Clinton, Dennis Cochran, Margarita — Cochran, Orville
Cleveland, Laverne — Cleveland, Mattie Clinton, Derek — Clinton, Freda Cochran, Oscar — Cochran, Saul
Cleveland, Maureen — Cleveland, Preston Clinton, Freddie — Clinton, Jeannette Cochran, Scott — Cochran, Vicki
Cleveland, Priscilla — Cleveland, Spencer Clinton, Jeannie — Clinton, Kurt Cochran, Vickie — Cody, Austin
Cleveland, Stacey — Cleveland, Winston Clinton, Kyle — Clinton, Marty Cody, Barbara — Cody, Clayton
Cleveland, Wm — Clifford, Brandon Clinton, Marvin — Clinton, Percy Cody, Clifford — Cody, Elena
Clifford, Brandy — Clifford, Darren Clinton, Perry — Clinton, Shirley Cody, Elijah — Cody, Henry
Clifford, Darrin — Clifford, Faith Clinton, Sidney — Clinton, Wilfred Cody, Herbert — Cody, Julia
Clifford, Fannie — Clifford, Jake Clinton, Willard — Coates, Betty Cody, Julian — Cody, Luke
Clifford, James — Clifford, Kim Co Cody, Lula — Cody, Neal
Clifford, Kimberly — Clifford, Marilyn Coates, Beulah — Coates, Cristina Cody, Neil — Cody, Ruby
Clifford, Mario — Clifford, Paula Coates, Crystal — Coates, Erick Cody, Rudolph — Cody, Traci
Clifford, Paulette — Clifford, Sheri Coates, Erik — Coates, Inez Cody, Tracy — Coffey, Anthony
Clifford, Sherman — Clifford, Wilbur Coates, Ira — Coates, Kate Coffey, Antoinette — Coffey, Christian
Clifford, Wilfred — Clifton, Billie Coates, Katherine — Coates, Lynn Coffey, Christie — Coffey, Eddie
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